Arborist report templates

When using ProofDocs a full tree report template is supplied for Planning and development arborist reports, also you can create your own templates and save them within your profile to be used or edited at any time.  Other report templates available include:

  • Tree Hazard Assessments
  • Tree Management Plans (TMP)
  • Tree Surveys

These templates are free to use and edit for established ProofDocs clients, the templates can be edited and saved to suit your specific business and style. Alternatively you can import and save entirely new templates to use as the foundation of your reports.

Different arborists will use different glossary definitions, different headings, fine print and style however the basics of most reports will be similar. ProofDocs templates are tried and tested and they are easily configured to suit your company.

Each arborist report template includes:

  • Title page with auto populated fields
  • Executive summary
  • Table of contents
  • Sections and headings in line with internationally recognised report writing conventions
  • Numbering of sections
  • Figures and tables generated based on field data collected
    • Tables are dynamic allowing customisation to suit the specific job - that is you can turn any field on or off
    • Images are inserted both within the table (data) section and grouped as an Appendix to allow flexibility
  • GPS referenced labels over Google Earth images for mapping
  • The legal fine print
  • Appendices
  • Glossary of definitions 

There is a full range of data fields avaialable for collection and display including GPS coordinates, tree defects, dimensions, defects, recommendations and even fields related to estimating the time or cost of completing tree works.

Some jobs call for a simpler summary document rather than a full formal arborist report, in which case there are options; you can create and/or select a simpler template or in the normal planning application template select the sections needed such as maps or images, then within the individual tables you can toggle off any column not required.

To try it out you can go to the Report Builder page, load up our 'sample data' report and test the functionality - this is a very basic sample only, the full planning application template is comprehensive, as outlined above.

Arborist reports AS4970-2009

ProofDocs is configured to conform to the Australian Standards:

  • AS 4970-2009 Protection of trees on development sites,   and
  • AS 4373-2007 Pruning of amenity trees

The configuration is within both the device app and the written templates.

The figures calculated and returned for Tree Protection Zones (TPZ) and Structural Root Zones (SRZ) are based on AS 4970-2009. Much of the written content such as recommendations, Glossary and General Comments are closely aligned  to both standards.

When producing arborist reports for planning applications the sections relating to TPZ incursions are central, ProofDocs has developed a TPZ incursion calculator that makes it simple to determine the degree of encroachment of a building (of any shape) and also compare against the encroachment of any existing buildings or works. These technical sections within the templates are drawn directly from the Australian Standards to ensure the language used and conventions followed are consistent with industry best practice.