Arboricultural reports

ProofDocs will launch soon, the encroachment calculator is available to be used now. If you would like any information prior to launch or a heads up when we do, please email via the contact page.


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ProofSafe - Docs is a digital tool used to quickly and professionally produce arboricultural reports, these tree reports are built using two tools; ProofSafe in the field and ProofSafe - Docs in the office.

Use the ProofSafe app on your phone or tablet to:

  • collect and record tree data including photos and gps locations
  • quickly assign tree details with detailed dropdown lists
  • synchronise wirelessly to the server

Use the ProofSafe - Docs Report Builder on your desktop or laptop to:

  • edit, create or import various arborist report templates such as:
    • Planning and development reports
    • Tree hazard audits
    • Tree Management Plans (TMP)
    • Tree surveys
  • edit or add text, images or maps to your report
  • choose the data, images and tables you want to present in your tree report and print to PDF or export to MS Word

If you're currently using paper and pen to record data you will find ProofDocs saves you at least 1 hour on every standard report and a lot more on larger reports.  This is time saved in the field and in the office. 

If you're already using a digital form to collect data then you'll find ProofDocs much better, we promise. You can trial ProofDocs for a month, use our template, experiment as much as you like for only $49. If you don't want to continue then you have a professional arborist report template to take away.

How do you use ProofSafe - Docs?

The ProofSafe app is a digital form on your device, it has a range of integrated features:

  • Dropdown menus so data collection in the field is fast and easy. Including:
    • Large tree species list with common names auto filled
    • Chunks of text related to defects, impacts and recommendations
    • Calculations for estimating tree works costs and/or quoting
  • GPS mapping function
  • Image storage and integration into reports

Once you collect your data in the field, that data is synchronised via the web straight into the ProofDocs report builder.  

In the office you choose your template, then configure your data: you might turn off SRZ but keep TPZ or display the GPS co-ordinates first and Retention Value last. Use the automatically generated map or not, choose which tables you want; standard or with a photo of each tree.

The report is then finalised and printed or exported.

How does ProofDocs help with TPZ and SRZ?

ProofDocs automatically calculates TPZ and SRZ as per AS 4970-2009. You enter the measurements into the app and ProofDocs delivers the calculated outcome into your report. (single or multiple stems)

Have a good look at the TPZ Encroachment Calculator page, it's an excellent tool when providing advice on development near trees.

The calculator is configured with a simple graphic interface which makes it easy to determine how much a given development (of any shape) will encroach into the calculated TPZ.  Also by using both 'buildings' you can determine how a proposed TPZ incursion overlaps an existing structure at the site, this can inform likely adverse impacts on the tree.

What is ProofDocs and how will it improve your business?

ProofDocs is an automated arborist report generator that will deliver consistent, professional reports to your clients while making your business more efficient, professional and profitable.

ProofDocs will cost you a small amount to use based on a user pays system.  Use of the system will save you time, hassle and increase accuracy; it takes all the pain out of the job.

What does ProofSafe - Docs cost? 

ProofSafe - Docs vs ProofSafe

You are currently on the ProofSafe - Docs website, here you edit, save and manage arborist or tree reports.  

ProofSafe is a set of digital forms (an app) for your phone or tablet, ProofSafe has specific digital forms for arborist reports that link to this site but the ProofSafe app also has other forms to help organisations collect data, manage risk, do time sheets, take notes, conduct audits & pre-starts, complete quotes etc.

Together the you have a full set of software for arborist reports as well as the other features that come with ProofSafe forms.